Ministry in Daily Life
Evangelism Ministry

Mission: To lead this congregation in witnessing to the gospel of Jesus Christ to people who are not active members of a Christian congregation; to support the faith development of this congregation.

Community Outreach Ministry

Mission: To lead this congregation's efforts to address the social, economic, and emotional needs of people both within the congregation and the community at large.

Prayer and Care Ministry

Mission: To provide a caring ministry by members and pastors working together to meet people's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
Ministry in Spiritual Growth
Christian Education Ministry

Mission: (1)To provide a lifelong program of Christian education that will enable members of all ages to learn the Scriptures and
Lutheran teaching and apply them in their daily lives; (2) To provide opportunities to foster the spiritual life and growth of
members of the congregation. 

Youth and Family Ministry

To provide ministry to and with young people and families, so that they may grow in faith and in their understanding of themselves
as members of the congregation; to work for the involvement of young people in all aspects of congregational life. 
Worship and Music Ministry

Mission: To assist the Pastor in providing for the highest quality in the congregation's worship and to involve as many members
as possible as participants and leaders, according to their gifts. 
Ministry in Stewardship​​​​​​​
Stewardship Ministry

Mission: To provide an ongoing, year round program of stewardship education; to invite all members to participate according to their means in the financial
support of the congregation and of the ELCA; to challenge all members to offer their time and talents in support of the work of the church; to encourage and
facilitate planned giving(Endowment Fund); to properly record memorial gift given and to develop a plan for using those gifs to the benefit of our ministry
(Memorial Fund); to properly record and disburse gifts given to the building fund. 

Financia Ministry

Mission: To provide for responsable management of all financial assets of the congregation; to prepare an annual budget reflecting realistic anticipated
receipts and expenditures that support the congregation's ministries; to strengthen the financial position of the congregation through all appropriate means. 

Property Ministry

Mission: To provide for the maintenance and improvement of all the real and personal property of the congregation; to provide the equipment and materials
necessary and helpful for the congregation to carry out its mission and ministry; to provide for the scheduled maintenance and replacement of property

Service Care Ministry

Mission: The purpose of the service-care groups is two-fold: To provide every member of the congregation an opportunity to share responsibilities relating to
worship, potlucks, funerals, etc and to provide care and nurture for others in the group through mutual support, prayer, fellowship, and service.